Saguaros are some of the most recognizable cactuses as they were featured in many western movies and their distinct shape makes them easy to recognize.

Here are some interesting facts about the saguaro that you may have not known:

Saguaros grow naturally only in a small part of Arizona, in the Sonoran Desert.
The saguaro is the largest cactus in the world.
Although the saguaros are awe-inspiring, they’ve also got a mean streak, according to local lore:
A Phoenix man must have been having a bad day when he pulled into his driveway, brushed past the saguaro in his front yard and went into his house for his gun. He took his frustration out on the plant, using it as target practice as he emptied the bullet chamber.

In a last bit of self-defense, the saguaro toppled over on top of him, crushing him under the weight of the tons of water stored in its branches.

It is estimated that saguaros can live on average 150-200 years. The record is held by a giant saguaro with 50 arms found at the Saguaro National Monument.
The flower of the cactus is Arizona’s state flower.
The stem of the saguaro measures between 18 and 24 inches.
The saguaro cactus will have holes cut out by birds. These holes were used by native Americans as water containers.
The saguaro’s roots are just 4-6 inch deep. There is only one root that goes under the ground 2 feet deep.
The cactus’s arm grows only when it is 70 years old.
The saguaro flower has one of the most powerful fragrances. The flowers only open up at night and it closes during the day.
The flowers appear on the saguaro when the cactus is 35 years old.
The cactus is considered adult when it is 125 years only.
The saguaro is one of the heaviest plants. Because it consists of water mainly, an adult saguaro can weigh up to 8 tons.